First and foremost, The Holy Bible is the place to go.  But other books are available which will help us increase our understanding of the Bible (and how to "defend" it).  We encourage you to check these out.  Can't afford to purchase one at this time?  Check out your local library.  If they don't have it, they may be able to get it for you on interlibrary loan, which is free.  Check it out first then decide if you want to buy it for your collection.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell
The defense of faith book.  Can be used as a tool for locating supporting "evidence" whenever the need arises.  It addresses the trustworthiness of the Bible, historical evidence and supporting attestations for Jesus' claim to God, and "radical Christian criticism" of the Bible.  Lastly, it includes a defense for the existence of miracles and answers to divergent worldview.  Any Christian will soon learn that certain questions about Christianity will surface over and over again.  With a little basic preparation, you can answer 90 percent of these questions that arise.  The book cites many authors and expert scholars, and the bibliography section is large. 

The Bible in a Nutshell, by Lou Nicholes
This book is a collection of 2-page summaries on each of the 66 books in the Bible.  The purpose is to provide a way for quickly determining key points of any book in the Bible.  Each 2-page summary is structured in the same format, and contains info on who wrote the book, to whom it was written, key points, time frame, and outline of the chapters within each book.   The intent is that it will help us to gain a new perspective, and better appreciation of the Bible.

Scripture Truth Book Company
Scripture Truth is an online store that has a good selection of Christian books.  Most notable are their good prices on Bibles.  Check it out.