Online Bibles
In today's day and age of hand held devices, cell phones and computers, people have never had so much infomation availble to them at just a click of a mouse or touching a small glass screen on their cell phone!  Think about that for a moment.  In a negative way, people sometimes become slaves to their devices, but on a positive note, if we have our cell phone or device on us, we now have the Bible at our fingertips, regardless of where we are at.  Here are just a couple of websites that host online bible resources;
Bible Gateway is a free online bible website and app that can be used to research topics in the Bible, and help you enhance your study.  They also have an audiobible and various study tools, verse of the day, and the option for you to set up your own account on thier site.
Bible Hub is a free online bible website (app is also available), which has several different versions of the Bible and allows you to compare bible verses among each, search, view commentaries, among many other useful tools. The Bible can be studied on a topical basis.  It's really like a one stop shop of information about the Bible.