The Bible is Reliable
How do we know The Holy Bible is reliable?  One way we might realize it is realiable, is to not only study Bible, but also apply it, and in doing so, we start to recognize just how reliable it really is.  There are many examples in the various books of the Bible that should convince you, especially when comparisons are made between the Old Testimate and New Testimate scriptures.  Many biblical prohphecies have proved themselves out in history.  If you still would like to dive further into this subject, one website to look at is is a useful website containing supporting evidence and biblical citations about the "crucial questions".  We encourage you to take a look at the information.  Some examples are: Who is God?  What does it mean to believe in Jesus Christ?  How can I guarentee my eternal salvation?  They have a search box right on thier homepage making it very easy to quickly find answers.  If you can't find your answer, you can submit your question and they will answer it!  The desciption on their homepage is as follows:  

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